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USA TODAY Txtpert™
Text in missing letters & complete the words fast in USA TODAY Txtpert. With two unique word games, the fun never ends!
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PAC-MAN®Arcade Golf™
Play PAC-MAN Arcade Golf by Namco! Mini-golf action & classic arcade fun! Mini-games based on hits PAC-MAN, Dig Dug & Galaxian!
Survive the depths of SubMerged by Namco! Inflate the floating puzzle pieces with air & merge them with anchored pieces above in this aquatic puzzler!
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Atlantis Sky Patrol
Lead Sky Patrol and destroy the Doomsday Devices! Match the colored marbles in the chain and eliminate them in 100+ levels of intense puzzle action!
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Dilbert™ Cubicle Chaos
Take charge of Dilbert's world as the Pointy-Haired Boss in Dilbert Cubicle Chaos by Namco. Delegate busy work & enjoy tormenting your favorite characters. Collect tokens to view Dilbert comics on your phone. Start in Story mode & complete levels to unlock The Boss Zone.

Bandai Namco – Declares its Pac-Manvieo Bingo game release 
Bandai Namco, an unusual video game programmer, looks like the firm is moving slowly to delve more into the iGaming sector, creating video bingo game titles and bringing about a new module exclusively assigned to create pachislot & pachinko slots.

This time, this developer made public its release of Pac-Man collectively with a firm from Spain, "Metronia," which situates in the United Kingdom "Quixant." Pac-Man is a Video Bingo game. 
Another aspect peculiar to this firm is forming a new module referred to as Bandai Namco Seven that commenced activities this month, intending to create & offer pachislot & pachinko games for sale. Also, a take to venture to another new enterprise, further with its preparations & activity. 

As of 2016, Bandai Namco team up with Ainsworth Game Technology based in Australia towards the joint creation of casino games with no deposit bonus codes whereby Bandai Namco's role is to takes over the software-complementary features like background music, layout, etc. & different animation. 

Meanwhile, Ainsworth's role is to take care of the official design & addition, including mass-production & merchandising. The effort has resulted in Bandai Namco's 1st jointly created casino game collections and Pac-Man Video Slot Wild version.

By the year that follows, Bandai Namco founded an alliance with Gamblit Gaming, that which they set up Pac-Man Battle Casino, a competitive online bet game, & Pac-Man Money hunt.
With Bandai Namco's effort and first impression, it appears a preamble of Bandai Namco coming into the casino game sector with its proprietary license.

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