Namco Mobile Regions:
Ridge Racer® 3D

Race through the urban jungle and beach side streets in Ridge Racer by Namco. The game that revolutionized arcade and console racing is back, bringing realistic 3D racing action to your phone. Choose from multiple cars, unlock tracks and vehicles, and race through the frenetic urban streets. Shift into high gear and whip past fellow racers towards the finish line while burning rubber to the classic Ridge Racer soundtrack. Ridge Racer on mobile, the next revolution in urban racing.

How to Play:
Maneuver around opponent cars and avoid crashing into the edges of the course to finish the race before time runs out. Complete all of the laps in a race and finish in first place before your time runs out. Beat the courses and unlock tracks and vehicles.

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Tips and Hints:
• Play the Novice course in order to get used to the controls and learn the track.

• Try to push your opponents into spinouts by bumping them from behind. Be careful to aim for the rear sides of the car or you might just slow yourself down and give them a boost.

• To help navigate around turns, start the turn on the outside, or farthest away from the curve, and turn in early. Practice tapping the brake to help you make sharp turns.

• Learn to use manual shifting and accelerating.

Compatible Phones:
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  • Midwest Wireless