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Mr. Do!

Help Mr. Do! collect cherries for his pie-tossing clown act as he takes his act on the road in the arcade classic updated by Namco. Avoid wild animals that have escaped from traveling circus caravans! Squish them with giant apples or bonk them with a bouncing rubber nose. Play the original Arcade classic game or check out fresh graphics, new levels and power-ups, and more in Enhanced Mode!

Mr. Do!TM ©1982, 2007 Aruze Corp. (Universal). All Rights Reserved. ©2007 Namco Networks America Inc.

How to Play:
Help Mr. Do! collect cherries for his pie-tossing clown act. Along the way Mr. Do! must avoid running into wild animals that have escaped from the circus caravans, including Red Rovers, Munchie Monsters and Alpha Monsters!

Help Mr. Do! clear paths through the landscape in effort to collect cherries. There are four ways to complete each level and move onto the next one:
1. Collect all cherries
2. Squish every Wild Animal
3. Eliminate all Alpha Monsters (to collect Letters E-X-T-R-A)
4. Collect rare Green Diamond

» For more information, click here to download the User Guide for this game.

Tips and Hints:
o Eliminate Alpha Monsters to collect as many letters as early as you can. Spell the word "EXTRA" to earn an extra Mr. Do! An Alpha Monster will be released onto the game field after every 5,000 points, or after Mr. Do! collects the treat left behind in the Red Rovers' nest.

o Let Red Rovers follow you up a path. Drop an apple on them at just the right time when they have nowhere to run!

o Collect 8 cherries in a row to earn points quickly.

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