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Mr. Do!'s Castle™

Relive the classic arcade action in Mr. Do!'s Castle by Namco. Mr. Do! is putting on a magic act in an enchanted castle, but he arrives to find the place overrun with wild Unicorns! Collect cherry bricks for his act and clear out the pesky creatures with a monster mallet before the circus arrives. Play the Arcade original or check out Enhanced mode for fresh graphics & fun new power-ups!

Mr. Do!'s Castle™ ©1983, 2007 Aruze Corp. (Universal). All Rights Reserved. ©2007 Namco Networks America Inc.

How to Play:
The lovable clown Mr. Do! returns for more amusing hi-jinks! A rustic castle is the site of Mr. Do’s new magic act, but he must
clear the place of wild Unicorns before the circus arrives, while trying to collect enchanted cherries for his performance!

You can finish a level in any of the following ways:
• Smash all the cherry bricks.
• Eliminate all Unicorns
• Eliminate all the Alpha Monsters (to collect Letters E-X-T-R-A)
• Collect the rare Green Diamond

» For more information, click here to download the User Guide for this game.

Tips and Hints:
• Eliminate Alpha Monsters to collect as many letters as early as you can. Spell the word "EXTRA" to earn an extra Mr. Do!.
Unicorns temporarily turn into Alpha Monsters when you collect the magic shield in the castle tower. To collect the shield you
must open the gates by smashing all the key stones in the level.

• Use your mallet to smash bricks and squish Unicorns or deter them from chasing you. When Unicorns stumble and get stuck
in a hole left by a knocked-out brick, you can:

- Swing your mallet, while on the same floor as the Unicorn, to knock them down to the floor below

- Seize the moment, go up to the floor above while the Unicorn is trapped, and knock a brick down from directly above
the Unicorn’s head to squish it

Compatible Phones:
Compatible phones coming soon.

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