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Dilbert™ Cubicle Chaos

Take charge of Dilbert's world as the Pointy-Haired Boss in Dilbert Cubicle Chaos by Namco. Delegate busy work and shred completed projects to keep staff humble. Inspire employees with friendly shocks from a cattle prod. Enjoy tormenting all your favorite Dilbert characters: Dilbert, Wally, Alice, Asok, Ted & Tina. Collect tokens in-game to view Dilbert comics*. For a crash course in management play Story mode, then unlock The Boss Zone for random acts of management.
*Available on most handsets

©Scott Adams, Inc. Dilbert™ Cubicle Chaos ©2008 United Feature Syndicate, Inc. ©2008 Namco Networks America Inc.

How to Play:
The objective of the game is to win the Manager of the Month award. You have hired Dogbert as your consultant to help you achieve this goal.

• Complete the goals given to you by Dogbert at the start of each level

• Pay attention to the in-game tutorials (dialogue from Dogbert) -- they provide help and insight into how to play the game

» For more information, click here to download the User Guide for this game.

Tips and Hints:
• Anticipate the task you need to complete next – this will help you finish the work cycle more rapidly.

• You can pick up one item in each hand. Being strategic about what items you pick up will help you reach your goals quicker.

• If you are carrying two items when you approach an employee’s cubicle, the most appropriate of the two items will automatically be used first on the employee.

• The more complicated the project the more points the project will be worth.

• Pick up the Product Enhancement Tray (an inbox) from the delivery desk by the Vending Machine when it is available, and deliver it to employees. Once they have an inbox installed at their cubicle, you can start stacking up projects while they are working – this way you will not have to wait until they complete individual projects before assigning a new one to them!

• Any object can be shredded – each item has different bonus point values!

• Keep Wally occupied by giving him thermoses of coffee; otherwise he will start to IM the other employees and disrupt their work.

Compatible Phones:
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  • Sprint (Nextel)


  • Sprint PCS


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