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March 15, 2005


SAN JOSE, CA – March 15, 2005 – Namco America Inc., a leading publisher of wireless games and content, announced today the release of their winter season game line-up.  Already a publisher of Top Ten mobile hits including PAC-MAN® and Ms. PAC-MAN®, this release adds six new games to Namco’s mobile games catalog.

Mobile customers can now play more of their favorite arcade classics and new PAC-MAN branded games on their wireless devices.  They can also play new, original products specifically designed for the mobile community with wireless functionalities like online over-the-air networked play.



With the release of Galaga®, Dig Dug®, and Xevious®, mobile customers can now play more of the best-remembered arcade classics on their wireless devices. 

Galaga by Namco

One of the longest running hits in arcade history is back!

Board your Fighter - defend against alien fire and escape their collision-course formation attacks. Retrieve captured fighters from the boss alien's tractor-beam to become a Dual Fighter with double the fire power in the mobile version of this retro arcade classic.

Dig Dug by Namco

Dig Dug is digging for Pookas and Fygars on your phone.

Snare your enemies with your trusty pump and inflate them until they pop! Or squish them with falling rocks. Watch out for the Pookas and Fygars sneaking up behind you through the ground, and if you get caught in Fygar's fiery breath, you're toast! Who said landscaping was easy?

Xevious by Namco

Save humanity from the Xevious collective in this classic scrolling shooter!

You and your Fighter Plane are the last hope for Earth against the invading alien onslaught. Defend yourself against airborne and ground-based Xevious defenses by firing upon the alien ships and bombing their ground bases. Get through the alien barricade and destroy the Mother Ship.

Other arcade classics and hits by Namco America available on wireless handsets include PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, Mr. Driller®, TAIKO: Drum Master™, Galaxian®, and MAPPY®.


PAC-MAN Branded Games and Ringtones:

Due to the tremendous success of PAC-MAN on mobile devices, Namco America continues to extended the PAC-MAN brand to other game categories and mobile applications.  

PAC-MAN Pinball™ by Namco – Coming Soon

The whole PAC-MAN family is making an appearance in this mobile pinball game.

PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, and Baby PAC flip the flippers to keep the ball alive and rack up the points. Plow the ball into Inky's bumper to light up all four of the ghosts for a frenzy of multi-ball action! If the ball drains in the gutter, the action's not over because there's two pinball tables in the PAC-MAN twist to the classic pinball game.

PAC-MAN’s Arcade Corner™

Get game ringtones at PAC-MAN's Arcade Corner! 

Personalize your phone with exclusive game tones from arcade classics like PAC-MAN to current console hits like Tekken® & Soul Caliber®. PAC-MAN's Arcade Corner is also the one-stop-shop for all your ringtone needs, where you can get ringtone hits from hip hop, rock, pop & more. While you're here, you can play Game That Tone!™ - a totally fun way to preview tones. Get in the game at PAC-MAN's Arcade Corner.

Other PAC-MAN branded mobile games by Namco America include PAC-MAN Bowling™, PAC-MAN Puzzle™, PAC-Match!™, PAC-MAN’s Casino™ Card Game Pack, and PAC-MAN’s Casino™ Slots Pack.

Networked and Original Games:

Pool Pro Online™ by Namco

Pool Pro Online allows mobile customers to take advantage of the wireless platform. The game features online over-the-air multiplayer pool, including two-player head-to-head play and the uploading of high scores.  Pool Pro Online also offers advanced graphics, such as a unique “zoom feature” where a player can zoom in on the table for a more precise shot.  Pool Pro Online comes with two game modes, 8-ball and 9-ball. 

Other networked and original mobile games by Namco include Ms. PAC-MAN For Prizes™, Stack’um™, and Gimme’ FIVE™.


About Namco America Inc.

Namco America Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Namco Limited, a Tokyo-based world leader in the high-tech entertainment industry. Based in San Jose, CA, Namco America Inc. delivers the next generation in wireless and coin-op arcade games. For more information about Namco’s wireless games, please visit

PAC-MAN® ©1980 2004 Namco Ltd., MS. PAC-MAN® ©1980 1982 2004 Namco Ltd., Galaga® ©1981 2004 Namco Ltd., Dig Dug® ©1982 2004 Namco Ltd., Xevious® ©1982 2004 Namco Ltd.,

Mr. Driller® ©1999 2004 Namco Ltd., TAIKO: Drum Master™ ©2000, 2004 Namco Ltd., Galaxian® ©1979 2004 Namco Ltd., MAPPY® ©1983 2004 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN Pinball™ ©2003 2004 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN's Arcade Corner™ ©2005 Namco Ltd., Game That Tone!™ ©2005 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN Bowling™ ©1980 2004 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN Puzzle™ ©1980 2001 2004 Namco Ltd., PAC-Match!™ ©1980 2004 Namco Ltd., Ms. PAC-MAN For Prizes™ ©1982, 2004 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN Casino™ Card Game Pack  ©1980 2003 2004 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN Casino™ Slots Pack  ©1980 2003 2004 Namco Ltd., All Rights Reserved.

Tekken® and Soul Caliber® are registered trademarks of Namco Ltd., All Rights Reserved.

Pool Pro Online and Stack’um are trademarked by GenPlay Games Inc. 

Gimme’ FIVE is trademarked by Beyer Productions.



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