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May 18, 2005

SAN JOSE, Calif. (May 18, 2005) -- (From E3, Los Angeles May 17-20, 2005)  Namco America Inc., a leading publisher of wireless games and content, today announced the availability of 15 mobile titles for demo and review at E3, the annual videogame tradeshow held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif., May 18 thru 20.

Namco America boasts an extensive portfolio of mobile content, which includes classic arcade titles, PAC-MAN branded original games, networked games, Namco originals, and 3D games, as well as titles for the Palm OS and Windows Mobile platforms.

“Everyone has seen the arcade version of PAC-MAN, but for some, PAC-MAN on mobile phones is a whole new experience,” said Scott Rubin, General Manager of Sales & Business Development for Namco America.“ Consumers and media alike will be surprised at the diversity found in our portfolio.” 

Arcade classics PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, Galaga, Dig Dug, Xevious, and Mr. Driller, will be available for review. Namco dominated the ‘80s with such arcade classics, and continues to do so on the mobile platform. Many of the classic characters from PAC-MAN return in the PAC-MAN Original titles PAC-MAN Bowling, PAC-MAN Pinball, and PAC-MAN Puzzle. 

Previews of Namco’s upcoming 3D titles will also be available. Later this summer, Namco plans to launch PAC-MANIA, the 3D sequel to PAC-MAN, as well as the mobile versions of the hit arcade titles, Time Crisis Mobile, and Ridge Racer. 

Several Namco Original and Networked mobile games will also be available for demo during E3 including Pool Pro Online, Gimme’ Five, and Stack’um.  

In addition to these mobile games, Namco’s arcade classics for the Palm OS and Windows Mobile platforms will also be available for review, including PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, MAPPY, Galaxian, and Galaga.  

All 15 mobile games, as well as the Palm OS and Windows Mobile games, will be available for preview and review at the Namco booth (#824, South Hall). 

About Namco America

Namco America Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Namco Limited, a Tokyo-based world leader in the high-tech entertainment industry. Committed to providing the ultimate interactive entertainment experience, Namco uses cutting-edge technology and advanced electronics to take their wireless, coin-op, and home video games far beyond traditional entertainment. For more information about Namco mobile games, please visit:

PAC-MAN® ©1980 2004 Namco Ltd., MS. PAC-MAN® ©1980 1982 2004 Namco Ltd., Galaga® ©1981 2004 Namco Ltd., Dig Dug® ©1982 2004 Namco Ltd., Xevious® ©1982 2004 Namco Ltd., Mr. Driller® ©1999 2004 Namco Ltd., Galaxian® ©1979 2004 Namco Ltd., MAPPY® ©1983 2004 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN Pinball™ ©2003 2004 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN's Arcade Corner™ ©2005 Namco Ltd., Game That Tone!™ ©2005 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN Bowling™ ©1980 2004 Namco Ltd., PAC-MAN Puzzle™ ©1980 2001 2004 Namco Ltd., RIDGE RACER® ©1993, 2005 Namco Ltd., TIME CRISIS MOBILE™ ©1995, 2005 Namco Ltd., All Rights Reserved. Pool Pro Online and Stack’um are trademarked by GenPlay Games Inc. Gimme’ FIVE is trademarked by Beyer Productions.

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