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August 08, 2005

PAC-MAN says “Waka-Waka:” Your Phone is Ringing

Namco America Launches BREW® Ringtone Application Featuring Exclusive Video Game Ringtones


SAN JOSE, CA – August 8, 2005 – Namco America Inc., a leading publisher of wireless games and content, today announced the availability of PAC-MAN’s Arcade CornerTM, an interactive ringtone application with a colorful, retro feel and a source for exclusive video game ringtones developed solely for QUALCOMM’s BREW solution.


In a user-friendly format, PAC-MAN acts as the host as users enjoy a full-color, animated ringtone application featuring music and exclusive video game ringtones.  Everyone’s favorite ghostly adversaries -- Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde -- dance to ringtones as users search and preview tones through this easy-to-use interface.


“Namco has always been dedicated to creating fun, quality entertainment,” said Scott Rubin, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Namco America.  “With the aid of the BREW solution, Namco is able to offer a unique ringtone application complete with dancing ghosts, a Game That Tone!™ feature and an industry-leading search tool called the ‘Wish List,’ which allows searches on PAC-MAN’s Arcade Corner Web site to be saved and uploaded to the phone.” 


Game that Tone!, a mini game show that is a unique way to preview ringtones, is included with the application and puts listening skills to the test.  The fully animated feature puts users in a head-to-head competition with the ghosts, challenging users to name the tone just played from several choices.   Win or lose, users then have the option to preview and download any of the choices.


All of the video game ringtones, such as the “Waka-Waka” sound from PAC-MAN and the theme music from Tekken, are exclusively available through PAC-MAN’s Arcade Corner via select BREW operators.


“Namco has created an application that brings fun and entertainment to mobile handsets through a franchise consumers know and love,” said Mike Yuen, director of the Gaming Group for QUALCOMM Internet Services.  “QUALCOMM is pleased that the BREW solution is supporting publishers like Namco in their quest to further evolve the ringtone market by introducing gaming features into the selection process.”


QUALCOMM’s BREW solution is designed to meet the distinct and varied needs of wireless operators, handset manufacturers, publishers, developers and end users around the world.  BREW products and services include: an open, extensible client platform that supports robust systems and application software including personalized and branded user interfaces for mass market devices; a J2EE™-based, modular delivery system that enables the distribution of content, applications and user interfaces to wireless devices across all air interfaces; a dedicated professional services team that supports the integration of customized implementations; and the wireless industry's first global marketplace to support the monetization of applications and services developed in all programming languages. The BREW solution can make the wireless visions of innovative companies a reality.


Visit for more information on PAC-MAN’s Arcade Corner.


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