Namco Mobile Regions:
Ms. PAC-MAN For Prizes™

Namco's arcade classic Ms. PAC-MAN® is on your phone, and now you can download the new tournament edition and play for PRIZES! Complete four levels from the classic Ms. PAC-MAN game in head-to-head competition, or play in the weeklong progressive tournament. Whoever gets the highest score on the leader board gets an awesome prize! Outsmart those pesky ghosts, munch the dots, and become the next Ms. PAC-MAN champion!

How to Play:
Select the Head-to-Head competition, the Progressive competition, or the Practice mode. Guide Ms. PAC-MAN through the maze and munch all the dots and Power Pellets to clear each stage. Avoid the roaming enemy ghosts! Munch a Power Pellet to momentarily turn the ghosts blue! When they’re blue you can eat them for bonus points! Gobble up the fruit for extra points and reach 10,000 points for an extra turn.

Tips and Hints:
If you eat both fruits in each of the first three mazes, two 5000 point bananas appear as the bonuses in the final Maze 4. Eat both of those bananas to really boost your score! So remember, go bananas!

Compatible Phones:
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  • Cellular South


  • Metro PCS


  • US Cellular