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Snoopy™ the Flying Ace

Pilot Snoopy the Flying Ace as he embarks on a rescue mission to save Woodstock’s fallen nest! In Snoopy the Flying Ace by Namco, Snoopy must collect balloons throughout the Peanuts world to raise Woodstock’s nest. Soar and dive in exhilarating aerial adventures - avoid storm clouds, kites and the Red Baron! Redeem points to view Peanuts comic strips. Bring home victory - your root beer awaits!

Snoopy™ the Flying Ace ©2007 United Feature Syndicate, Inc. ©2007 Namco Networks America Inc.

How to Play:
Climb, dive and loop throughout the level to collect balloons, bird buddies, root beer, coins and special items. You’ll also get bonus points for how well Snoopy performs in each level.

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Tips and Hints:
• Recruit a bird buddy by running into him while in flight. This will increase the points earned per balloon for a limited time. Recruit multiple bird buddies to triple or quadruple your score!

• Grab a mug of root beer to energize Snoopy so he can climb and dive faster for a limited time.

• When heading into a steep dive, pull up early to avoid hitting the ground.

• Knock over ‘ground troops’ - the Peanuts gang – to get a bonus award.

• Try avoiding all of the balloons and earn a special award.

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