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USA TODAY Txtpert™

The popular word game from USA TODAY is now on your mobile phone in USA TODAY Txtpert! Text in the missing letters and complete words fast in two exciting word games. In Txtword Mode, complete the crossword in a limited time. Then in Down-Word Mode, complete the words as they drop down. Earn high scores and unlock Bonus Puzzles! With 33 word genres and 8000+ words, the fun never ends.

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How to Play:
Txtpert features 2 different types of gameplay with 33 different genres, unlockable bonus puzzles and over 8000 words so the action never stops!
• Txtword – A crossword type game. Clues are given to what the word is but the user must use their txt skills to figure out the rest of the word. The quicker the user completes the crossword the higher the bonus.
• Down-Word – This is a skill based game that will challenge any text expert. The words fall from the top of the play field. The user must be fast and uncover each word before the words stack and reach the top. Bonuses are given for speed and accuracy.
• Bonus – If you do well on either Txtword or Down-Word you will be awarded stars that unlock new challenges and Bonus puzzles.

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Tips and Hints:
• If you are not familiar with texting you can always use the [OK] key to select the desired letter.
• If a word starts with a consonant the next word more than likely will be a vowel.

Compatible Phones:
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  • Boost Mobile


  • Sprint (Nextel)


  • Sprint PCS


  • Verizon Wireless