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Time Crisis Mobile™ (3D)

The safety of the world is at stake and you’re running out of time! Liberate the compound of enemy targets in this fast-paced shooter before time runs out in the Story Mode. Or play mini-missions in the Crisis Mission Mode. 3D action, multiple enemy targets and upgradeable weapons makes this the most visceral shooting game on your mobile.

How to Play:
Two control modes are available. 9-Div mode uses the handset number keys to fire at the corresponding area of the screen. Semi-Auto mode uses a crosshair to aim at specific targets. You can change the game modes in the options menu.

Press "OK" to take cover to avoid injury and to reload your upgradeable weapons.

Tips and Hints:
Hit an enemy target multiple times in a row to score ‘chase points’.

The more lives you conserve, the higher your bonus at the end of the round.

Multiple hits with no misses gives you big bonuses.

Compatible Phones:
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  • Cellular South


  • Midwest Wireless


  • nTelos


  • Verizon Wireless